April 7, 2014
Call for stories/interviews: diverse older adults 50+ living with HIV/AIDS
By: Diverse Elders

Please help us make a difference by sharing your story. We’re looking for stories (we can use your name or an alias) to include in our upcoming report. About the report: In May, the Diverse Elders Coalition will publish a critically needed and groundbreaking report about diverse older adults living with HIV/AIDS. It will detail how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has affected health coverage for diverse older people (people of color and/or LGBT) and now that enrollment has concluded offer policy recommendations to our nation’s decision makers.

Additionally, we are looking for diverse older adults living with HIV/AIDS who are willing to speak with the media (we will provide training), but this is not a requirement in sharing your story for our report.

Stories change minds—and we can use your help. One of the most powerful and effective ways to educate the public and build momentum for increasing support to older adults living with HIV is to share stories. The Diverse Elders Coalition is looking for stories that are personal, emotional and show the strength of our community despite great adversity—we know by telling these kinds of stories that change is possible.

Contact Patrick Aitcheson at diverse.elders.coalition@gmail.com to tell your story. If you know of an older adult living with HIV/AIDS who has a story to share, please share this post.

To learn more about the Diverse Elders Coalition, visit diverseelders.org.