March 23, 2015
LGBT Health Awareness Week: It’s Time To Come Together
By: Jenna McDavid


March 23-27 marks National LGBT Health Awareness Week, and we at the Diverse Elders Coalition are excited to raise awareness about the issues facing the LGBTQ communities, especially LGBT older people.  The National Coalition for LGBT Health created National LGBT Health Awareness Week in 2003 to promote increased health awareness and outcomes in the LGBT community and promote the need for greater cultural competency in the healthcare system. This year’s theme is “Time to Come Together: Trust, Transparency, Truth.”

Throughout the Week, the Coalition brings together national and state LGBT organizations, health centers, health departments, universities, health organizations, clinical and behavioral health providers, and LGBT individuals and allies to raise awareness of LGBT health equity focusing on the issues of trust, transparency, and truth.

  • It’s Time to Come Together across settings and disciplines to participate in discussions about LGBT health disparities, and advocate and educate on critical healthcare gaps and needs of LGBT individuals.
  • It’s time to building more TRUST that our providers and the healthcare system are sensitive to and addressing our personal identities and health needs.
  • It’s time for TRANSPARENCY in our healthcare systems to be more open and honest about services and costs to help ensure greater access to healthcare. We must advocate for authentic and complete data collection of sexual orientation and gender identity to reflect reality.
  • It’s time to tell the TRUTH. We must be honest about our sexual orientation, gender identity, and health needs with our providers and the healthcare system overall.

For more information on how LGBT elders are supported by the Diverse Elders Coaltion, visit our LGBT Elders page.  If you want to promote LGBT Health Awareness Week or get involved, please visit


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