June 25, 2015
Finding the Hero Within: Paul’s Story
By: Diverse Elders

As a part of our ongoing Pride Month celebration, we’re featuring some of the most touching and inspiring stories from our Diverse Elders Stories Initiative. This week, we’re spotlighting the life of Paul Regalos-Urban, a gay, transgender, Latino elder. The introduction below comes from his friend and fellow activist, Vince Criostomo. We hope you will be moved by Vince’s introduction and will read Paul’s story, as well as the others in our archives.

vince-crisostomo-headshotVince Crisostomo is the Program Manager for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s 50-Plus Network.

My name is Vince Crisostomo. In April 2014, I joined the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s 50-Plus Network, a social support network for Gay/Bi/Trans Men. Shortly after I joined, I got a phone call from a Mr. Paul Regalos-Urban. He came in to the group, and at our first meeting he said, “I’m Latino, Gay and Transgender. Everyone has a reason to hate me.”

I thought, oh my, where do we go from here?  But in a little over a year, Paul has become an integral part of the network. His is a distinctive voice amongst his peers, and he is not afraid to take a stand for something he believes in. In fact, he is an emerging hero who strives to give voice to a segment of LGBT history that is often overlooked. More importantly, he has become a friend that I can count on in time of need. His story has touched my heart and I hope it will yours. I’m very proud to introduce Paul-Regalos Urban. Click here to read Paul’s story.

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