August 22, 2016
Civic Engagement: Diverse Elders Tell Their Stories to ACL
By: Jenna McDavid

Contact: Jenna McDavid, Diverse Elders Coalition

Today, the Diverse Elders Coalition delivered 4,710 comments to the federal government’s Administration for Community Living (ACL) in response to the ACL’s public comment period on their Guidance for the Development and Submission of State Plans on Aging, State Plan Amendments and the Intrastate Funding Formula. Our coalition members’ comments highlight the unique aging needs of diverse elders in the United States and demand that the ACL’s guidance to state aging programs explicitly acknowledge and meet the needs of American Indian/Alaska Native elders, Asian American/Pacific Islander elders, Black elders, Hispanic elders, and LGBT elders.

Marcos Bautista sending his comments to ACL. Photo courtesy of NHCOA.

Marcos Bautista sending his comments to ACL. Photo courtesy of NHCOA.

Empowering our community members to tell their stories and advocate for their needs is at the heart of the mission of the Diverse Elders Coalition, and we are thrilled to help facilitate change that will make a tangible difference in lives of diverse elders.

For more information on the comments that the Diverse Elders Coalition has collected and submitted to the ACL, please see the press releases from each of our five member organizations:

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