May 15, 2017
Pull Up a Chair to the SAGE Table this Thursday!
By: Diverse Elders

This Thursday, May 18th, SAGE and AARP are bringing together LGBT people and allies of all ages to share a meal in a new initiative called SAGE Table. The program is designed to bring people together to share food and experiences and to create connections among generations. Several members of the Diverse Elders Coalition will be participating at SAGE Table sites around the country, and we wanted to share this promotional video from SAGE to encourage you to sign up to host or join a SAGE Table where you live! 

SAGE fights for LGBT elders, and there is a missing link: YOU!

SAGE Table is a one-day event that asks different generations of the LGBT community and its allies to share a meal. On Thursday, May 18, all across the country, LGBT community members and allies young and old will gather together to break bread and celebrate our connections. Be a part of it.

On a typical day, very few of us in the LGBT community cross paths in a meaningful way with LGBT people from other generations. So many of us don’t have children to care for us as we age or families that support us fully. Too many of us will go through different stages of our lives without some measure of support that only someone of another generation could provide. What unique experiences do you have—and talents that someone else needs—that you will bring to the table?

SAGE and AARP want to cut across the age boundaries of our day-to-day lives in a positive and profound way. Simply sharing a meal together gives us a chance to have conversations that many of us have never had before.  As we build connections among LGBT people of all ages, we strengthen our community ties and forge new traditions. By agreeing to participate in a SAGE Table conversation, you’ve already taken an important step to be part of this movement.

It’s not too late to join in! Go to to sign up to host or attend. You can also check out the SAGE Table blog for hosting tips, detailed looks at SAGE Tables around the country, and recipes to make for the SAGE Table you’re attending.

And don’t forget to spread the word! Let the world know why you’re committed to creating change within the LGBT community. Use the #SAGETable hashtag and tag @sageusa so we can amplify your message.



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