December 13, 2017
The Edie Windsor SAGE Center Dedicated in New York City
By: Diverse Elders

SAGE, the nation’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT elders, has officially renamed its Midtown senior center — the first LGBT senior center in the country — The Edie Windsor SAGE Center, in honor of its beloved hero.

SAGE CEO Michael Adams with Judith Kasen-Windsor at the dedication of The Edie Windsor SAGE Center. Photo Credit: Kamiila Harris

Friends and supporters gathered at SAGE National Headquarters to celebrate the dedication and to pay tribute to the woman who paved the way to marriage equality. Windsor, who once served on the Board of SAGE and continued to be a staunch supporter of the organization and the community it serves, passed away in September of this year.

“Edie was many things to SAGE – a strong supporter, a Board member, a SAGE activist,” said SAGE CEO Michael Adams at last night’s dedication. “But perhaps most importantly, Edie was an active and regular part of the daily life at SAGE. She visited this SAGE Center frequently to have fun, to nourish friendships, and sometimes to get help – all the reasons why thousands of LGBT elders from all walks of life come here every year.”

From left, Mukami Marete; SAGE CEO Michael Adams; SAGE Board of Directors, Co-Chair Kevin Williams; Wanja Muguongo; and New York State Senator Tom Duane. Photo Credit: Kamila Harris

Edie’s widow Judith Kasen-Windsor, echoed Edie’s passion for SAGE and for all LGBT people at a pre-dedication held earlier this week for SAGE constituents. “She was a true champion for our community. She was resilient, passionate, outrageous, and an advocate for equality for us all. Edie was fierce!” Kasen-Windsor said. “In that respect, I think having Edie’s name representing the SAGE Center is exactly where it belongs.”




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