October 31, 2018
Protecting Immigrant Families by Opposing the Proposed Public Charge Rule
By: Jenna McDavid

Momentum is growing to block one of the Trump administration’s latest shameful attacks on immigrants, and tens of thousands of people have already submitted their comments to the government. The proposed “public charge” rule change — which could block immigrant families who use certain government programs from a secure future in the United States — is truly a matter of life and death for some immigrant families.

One of the programs that will receive additional scrutiny under the rule change is Medicaid, which helps many older adults, people with disabilities, and people with chronic illnesses thrive. Immigrants working toward a future in the United States shouldn’t be afraid to use these vital services.

There are so many reasons that this policy is heartbreakingly bad for immigrant families – and for the United States overall. We need to speak out – every one of us. Please click here and submit your comment. It will be sent directly to the government.

The proposed changes to the public charge rule turn the road to permanent status for immigrant families into an obstacle course that’s impossible for anyone who is older, disabled, or has chronic illnesses.

America should be better than this.

Let’s fight back against this policy, which essentially discriminates against immigrants on the basis of disability, scares people with chronic illnesses away from getting the health care they need, and outrightly discriminates against anyone over the age of 61.

Click here to submit your comment – the government must read and log every unique comment, and it’s our only way to speak out, influence the policy, and stop this from taking effect. To read the comment submitted by the Diverse Elders Coalition and co-signed by our five member organizations, click here.

If you’re on Twitter, the Diverse Elders Coalition will be joining a Twitter Storm today at 2pm EDT. Use the hashtag #ProtectFamilies to follow the discussion and add your own thoughts about why the changes to the Public Charge rule will negatively impact you, your family, and your communities.

Let’s act now to #ProtectFamilies.



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