August 30, 2019
Culturally Competent Supports for Diverse Family Caregivers: Spotlight on Volunteers of America Minnesota-Wisconsin
By: Diverse Elders

This article was written for the Diverse Elders Coalition by Resources for Integrated Care.

Volunteers of America Minnesota-Wisconsin are forging intergenerational connections and strengthening their community. (Photo courtesy of Volunteers of America / Facebook)

Nearly one in four older adults dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid has Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, and dually eligible older adults have higher rates of chronic conditions than Medicare-only beneficiaries. Caring for individuals with dementia and other chronic conditions often involves significant physical, emotional, and financial support from family members. To meet the needs of family caregivers, providers and health plans may benefit from strategies for supporting caregivers through services such as respite services, counseling, and training and education.

Family caregivers come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and health plans report challenges providing supports that meet their cultural needs and preferences. This Resources for Integrated Care spotlight, showcasing Volunteers of America Minnesota-Wisconsin, is part of a series highlighting innovative programs supporting diverse family caregivers.

To read more about Volunteers of America Minnesota-Wisconsin’s culturally responsive caregiver support programs—including one-on-one coaching, caregiver breakfasts, and caregiver support groups—read this Resources for Integrated Care Spotlight here.



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