November 12, 2019
Mia Frances Yamamoto: Lawyer, Advocate, Hero
By: Marsha Aizumi

November is Transgender Awareness Month. I am so proud to share this video from Mia Frances Yamamoto, who transitioned at the age of 60 to be her true self.

I call her my radical warrior friend, not only because of who she is, but because of the work that she does both as an attorney and an advocate for so many marginalized communities. Can you imagine the courage it took to walk into court one day as male and the next day as female? Can you imagine telling all your clients that you are transitioning from male to female and if they are not comfortable you will recommend them to attorneys that you trust?

Not one of her clients left her, but it was such a respectful and generous thing for her to do. Mia possesses a bold authenticity that is refreshing. She is my hero on so many levels.

To see Mia’s full video, click here.

Please enjoy this video, but also be reminded that transgender people of color, especially Black transgender women, are disproportionately targeted for violence. We must do better to raise awareness and bring greater support to this community.

These videos were produced by Okaeri, A Nikkei LGBTQ Gathering in Los Angeles, CA.



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