October 23, 2017
Connecting w/ Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders about Dementia: An Action Guide for Service Providers
By: Diverse Elders

This action brief is for community-based organizations working to educate and empower Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities about dementia. The purpose of the brief is to share information on:

  • Why dementia is such an important issue for the AAPI community,
  • Barriers to dementia detection, treatment, and support for the AAPI community,
  • Recent findings from a research study to test culturally appropriate messages to improve early identification of dementia by engaging adult children and their families, and
  • Recommendations and resources for better reaching the AAPI community

A version of this guide for policymakers can be found here.

Our Member Organizations

National Asian Pacific Center on Aging
National Caucus and Center on Black Aging
National Hispanic Council on Aging
National Indian Council on Aging, Inc.
SAGE Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center