June 2, 2015
LGBT Older Adults, HIV and the Affordable Care Act
By: Diverse Elders

Estimates project that within the next few years, one in two people with HIV in this country will be age 50 or older—an epidemic that has disproportionately impacted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and people of color since its inception. Further, HIV infections are on the rise among older people, many of whom are dually diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Affordable, quality health care is a key factor for preventing and managing HIV/AIDS. The Affordable Care Act—enacted in 2010— expanded coverage for millions of Americans, including LGBT people, older people and people with HIV. Yet the available evidence suggests that many people will continue to need support in navigating these new health options under ACA, including understanding how their HIV care has been affected by the insurance marketplaces and Medicaid coverage options in their states. This Issue Brief looks at HIV and aging among LGBT older people and what the ACA has done to support this population. Additionally, this brief offers information to help people with HIV understand their new health options and to support their overall health and wellness. For more information, visit sageusa.org.

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