October 2, 2018
Elder Justice is LGBT Justice!
By: Diverse Elders

by Sherrill Wayland, MSW, Manager of National Projects for SAGE.

Elder Justice is LGBT Justice! Whether LGBT older people protested in the streets, founded organizations, or just managed to survive times of social unrest, they laid the groundwork for the progress all LGBT people now enjoy.

Over the past year, SAGE  and FORGE collaborated with the National Center on Elder Abuse to create a series of fact sheets that engage, empower, and advocate for elder justice for LGBT older people, their caregivers, and community organizations.

To develop these fact sheets, SAGE conducted focus groups with LGBT older people and organizations to gain a better understanding of the resources they need. A common theme heard throughout the focus groups was gaining a better understanding of elder justice issues and how it applies to LGBT older people. We also wanted to provide tools and resources for LGBT older people, their caregivers, and the community organizations that serve them. The fact sheets provide concrete steps and resources to help LGBT communities gain a deeper understanding of the intersections between elder justice and the LGBT community and to take action in support of LGBT elder justice.

We hope these resources will build on their hard work and promote justice and inclusion for all! Download and are these resources across your network in support of LGBT elder justice.

More fact sheets and resources for LGBT older adults — as well as the other communities served by the Diverse Elders Coalition — can be read, downloaded, and shared from our digital library. For more information about SAGE, visit www.sageusa.org.



The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Diverse Elders Coalition.